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The “BARA” edge control tamer is very essential when it comes to my hair routine. It’s very compatible with my 4c texture and works effortlessly. The composition of the product is very lightweight and a little goes a long way. I highly recommend this product to all walks of life. It’s definitely a bang for one’s buck!

Shafon L., Make up Artist

BARAMERAKI! This edge control is unbelievable, for a long time I’ve been trying to find the “perfect” edge control and BARA’s edge control is. I can wear this edge control all day long and it last, even when I sweat my edges are still perfect! I highly recommend everyone to buy this edge control because it’s absolutely amazing, you won’t be disappointed!       

Nesha J., Barababe

This product is the exact type of edge control I’ve needed for a long time. It leaves my hair slicked down and smooth (no crunchy/hardening feel to it) and keeps my flyaways in control. Would definitely purchase again and recommend!     

Kayla S., Barababe

BARA’s edge control is probably the best edge tamer that I have used to date! It seriously lasts through the gym, while I’m sleeping and while I’m partying. Also, it does not flake at all.   

Tiffany A., Hairstylist

This edge control is by far the best product that I ever had. It holds my hair for the entire day, keeps me looking stylish and nice all day. It is great for all texture hair. My sister’s hair is naturally curly and we’ve used this edge control for her and she’s loves it, this is the only edge control that can maintain her hair. She can’t get enough of it. No flake, no white residue, long lasting bomb edges. You can’t go wrong. BUY YOURS TODAY!

Malika M., Barababe

YouTube Reviews and Step by Step Tutorials done by our Barababes! 

Out of all of the edge controls I have tried in my life, this edge control is the best!! It’s the only one I know that can leave my edges fleeky all day without a problem🙌🏾 it has traveled with me everywhere!! Without it I’m nothing😩

Sabrina C., Barababe